FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How far in advance should I book your services?

A.Popular dates are booked a year or two in advance.

Do you supply alcohol?

A.Unfortunately not. Government regulations don't allow us to. Client supplies all alcohol. We are a mobile bartending service!

Liquor Licence & Liability Insurance?

A.We have our own insurance to protect our company. The couple should purchase PAL insurance to protect themselves. The cost for this is pretty minimal and can be found at:


or talk to your insurance.

In order to get insurance you must have a liquor license.

Liquor License can be purchased at:

From our understanding they will issue it only to brick and mortar businesses or properties with structures such as a barn or properties that are zoned for business. They do not govern private residential weddings/ parties.

It is the responsibility of the client to do their due diligence. We can't apply for the permit on your behalf.

Can we rent the trailer by itself?

A.Short answer: for now no. We pride ourselves in choosing top notch bartenders that are smart serve certified & will enhance the party experience.

Maybe one day. Let's see how many inquiries we get for that and go from there.

Do you require a deposit?

A.Yes, a deposit and a signed contract guarantees that we will reserve the date for you.

Trailer Dimensions?

A.8'x8' & 14' high

Vendor serving window faces the drivers side.

Keg size & prep?

A.We recommend:
Slim 30 (24"hx12"w) which is 30 litres (1056 ozs) = 88 servings (12oz per serving)
Weight is 80lbs.

We have two keg taps.

You must buy and have on ice 24 hours prior to our arrival. Non-negotiable. We can't pick up the kegs and bring to event for you, due to government laws.

Prep- You will need to submerge in a clean garbage can or barrel, with a minimum of 10-15 bags of ice. *Very important. Cover the top with a wet towel to keep the cool in.

We arrive 2 hours prior to an event with kegs so that when we put it in place, the keg has time to settle from movement.

Above steps above ensure the beer doesn't foam.

Number of kegs :
1 for under 100 people
2 for over 100 people
Buy canned beer for excess in order to
reduce waste: Once a keg is tapped, you likely can't extract, unless you own a keg system so please keep that in mind.

Parking the trailer, time & requirements?

A.We setup the day of & arrive typically 2 hours ahead for events with kegs, 1.5 hours without kegs.

We don't generally park trailer the day before, unless discussed prior. Due to scheduling & locations, this may or may not be possible.

We need an electrical hook up and ideally a connection to a hose bibb (we have hot water/ cold water tanks for dishes).

We need a level area of 10 by 10 feet minimum.

When can we expect our photos?

A.Within 6 weeks. All depends how busy the season is!